Two Things and a Jelly Ball

Two things happened; no, three. My wife gave me a Kindle for Christmas. I downloaded some free books. The next day I downloaded some more. The next day eight more, the next day ten more, and twelve more and eight more and the Kindle grew fat on free downloaded books and grew and grew and grew to a bloated-free-downloaded-book-Kindle-monster-from-hell.

And I started reading.

I read about Kindles and ebooks and independent publishing and blogging and WordPress and making money online and I read some more and some more. And my brain turned to mush – just a big gooey slimey jelly ball of KindlebloggingSEOebooksmakingmoneyWordPresspublishing mush.

And I started a blog.

Maybe it was more than three things. Ask the jelly ball.~

Write Something Today (A first post)

Maybe you’re a little like me; you’ve been curious about blogging – maybe even thought you might try your hand at it one day. Maybe you fancy yourself a writer or an author or a storyteller or a journalist or a novelist or a bard. Maybe you’re a bit more like me; you’re too busy with work, school, kids, sports, clubs, church, chores, vacations and life in general – but you’re really just lazy, undisciplined and not all that sure what you have to say. Maybe, just maybe, you really are a lot like me and you’re tired of wondering.

One single thread of advice is repeated over and over in everything I have ever read or heard about writing – “just write!” Get started! Write something today, and tomorrow, and again and again. Today, that is what I am doing.~

The laurels of authorship are worth the winning largely because there is no primrose path leading to them.

~ Frederic Taber Cooper