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Java Fueled Journaling – 1

March 20, 2014 Dear Java Fueled Journaling, It is nearly five in the morning. Four hours ago I woke up — couldn’t go back to sleep — really wired now. Sleep beckons, sleep cries out, sleep screams for me to succumb. No such luck. Time soon to get ready for work. Yesterday was misery. I was in ...


So, Let’s Chat, You and Me

Caution. If you can’t tell at first glance, this is a somewhat lengthy post. I am motivated and inspired and on a writing roll. Are you on a reading roll? Roll…roll…“Roll Over Beethoven.” I take for granted that in the far-flung world of WordPress bloggers, readers, techno-gurus, sophistocrats, hangers-up, hangers-on, Automagicians, and oh so smart ...


Bad Fiction – Part 1

John my so called friend told me I couldn’t write a story. I told him he was a lie. This is how it went. “You can’t write a story. What makes you think you can?” “I bet I can. Why shouldn’t I?” “You ever wrote a story? I mean a real story?” “Well no…” “See, ...