Oxycodone: The cost of pain relief

I’ve been taking Oxycodone (Percocet) for several weeks now to treat pain. It is the only self-administered drug that provides any relief from the pain I am suffering. Like any drug, particularly narcotic drugs, there are side effects, as indicated by the photo. I am certainly experiencing some of them. There seems to be another effect on me, though.

Oxycodone, like many narcotics, can cause drowsiness. In my case, it does occasionally cause drowsiness. Unfortunately, it interferes with my ability to sleep. Over the last week or so, my sleep pattern has been to stay awake all night until physical exhaustion forces my body to shut down and sleep for a few hours. The following night I am able to fall asleep. The next night is another all-nighter to exhaustion.

Last night was one of the all-nighters, so I should be sleeping now. It isn’t working tonight, though. It’s now after midnight, and I am still wide awake. I’m going to call it a night now, though, and maybe I can get a few hours sleep.

Muddling Through

Everyday life is still pretty muddled. It’s tough to get through each day and get anything done when you’re in pain and feel a bit confused most of the time. Meds help dull the pain for a while, but not long enough. The meds just add to the confusion, though. Today was another procedure – another attempt to diagnose what is wrong with me. The procedure was a HIDA scan to see if my gall bladder is the offending organ. The procedure was painless; it just took a while to complete. I had to lie still on by back for two straight hours. I’m not very good at lying still, especially on my back, but I managed. Of course, I won’t know the results until an actual radiologist analyzes the images and files a report for my doctor. I hope to know next Tuesday.

So my goal is to start writing regularly again. Writing about my health issues is personal, but writing is a personal thing. I have other things to write about, but this is a start, again. Maybe I can continue this time ’round.

Muddled and Befuddled

I haven’t written for this blog in months. I really haven’t done much these last few months but visit doctors and ER rooms. Mostly I’ve dealt with medical problems. Some of them have finally been diagnosed, but we are still testing for others. Most of the time I’ve just felt muddled and befuddled.

Since I am starting to feel a little better, I thought I would try to start writing regularly again. I have lots to write about the last few months. I discovered Beaufort, SC, which is now one of my top five favorite cities. I bought a new car. I’ve been treated by some great heath care professionals and some not so great. I think I figured out why junkies shoot heroin. I got a new camera, and I am thinking of starting another blog to discuss it.

I used the new camera to take this photo. It is a picture of Coco, our twenty year old mixed Tabby and Siamese. It is an accidental shot. Coco shook her head precisely when I released the shutter. The shot captured the blurred motion as she shook her head. Pretty cool.