Land of the Pine

Land of the pine
Land of the pine

Sometimes, you only need to walk twenty feet, out into your own back yard, point your camera and snap the shutter.

Sometimes, you get a pretty good picture.

This picture, in its original form, seemed like a pretty good shot to me. But, I am biased of course.

I like experimenting with different effects, though. Right now, since I really am an amateur, I keep my experimenting very simple. Since my camera is broken, all the pictures I take are with my phone. Since I have the phone on an electronic, wi-fi, cyberspace tether to my Google+ account, all the photos automatically upload to the account. I view them, select the one I want to work with, and use the built-in editing tools to get the effect I want.

After I am satisfied with the changes I’ve made, I download the photo to my PC. I then open the file up in another product I own. CoffeeCup Software created it. It is called Web Image Studio. With this program, I can add more effects to the file. In the case of this photo, I applied a filter called “Toy Camera” and achieved the result you see.

As I said earlier, I am an amateur, with no real training in composition or color. All I do is shoot what I see and try to turn it in to something I really like – maybe even something special. Maybe you like it too!

Headed down south to the land of the pines I’m thumbin’ my way into North Caroline…~”Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show.

How I Roll at 4 AM, Kitties 2, and a little Talking Heads

How I Roll at 4 AM

Too tired and too brain dead to write in my Java-Fueled Journal. Everything I wrote about sleep, or the lack of, still holds true. Once again I’ve been awake all night. The pic is how I roll at 4 AM when I can’t sleep. Cozy, comfortable and warm. I took liberties to fool around with the photo, though. I think it looks good, but what do I know.

This is a great tune to rock out to at five in the morning when you can’t get you no sleep. If you’ve never heard it, the entire CD is fabulous. IMHO, a real classic for TH fans.

How The Cats Roll at 4AM

The pic to the left is how the kitties roll at 4. Loki is on top. He’s rather chunky. Tia is on the bottom. They were introduced in this post. Read it if you like.

More writing to follow, I hope, later on today or this evening, after I get a little sleep.