The Avett Brothers Perform “Morning Song”

“Hurt so bad……….You don’t come around here anymore…..
Worse than that………..
Nothing’s really helping I’ve been thinking ’bout drinking again”

Twenty-one words, that’s all, just twenty-one; words that rank easily in the top one hundred song openings of all time. Within the last three or four weeks, as I listened to more of their music, this band fast became one of my all time favorites.

It all started with these twenty-one words.

Sit back, grab some joe or a brew, strap on your favorite headphones, crank it up to 11 and enjoy this awesome performance.

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The Silver Screen

If I’m not mistaken, this is my first attempt at a “Reblog.” I hope it works because you really should read this. Great stuff.

The Riparian Times

The elusive first step to fame begins with a lonely gentle breeze down Hollywood Boulevard. I am on my third audition today and my head is slightly giddy like a teenage girl on passion-pops. I cannot remember the last time I ate, maybe yesterday, yesterday feels like a nosebleed but that audition, I smashed it, I was amazing.

Yes, it is upon us again like a summer romance, ‘Pilot Season.’

The two words that sends fear and excitement into the bones of actors all around the globe. The Los Angeles freeways become a sea of hope as the actors are magnetized into the bosom of the beast.

Do you remember that film Pulp Fiction, yes that’s right the one where Uma Thurman stars in a Pilot called Fox Force 5?

Here, watch Samuel L. Jackson (not Laurence Fishburne) watch Samuel tell you how Pilot Season works, well not exactly but…

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