So, Let’s Chat, You and Me

Rich After Pain Injections
Me After Pain Injections

Caution. If you can’t tell at first glance, this is a somewhat lengthy post. I am motivated and inspired and on a writing roll. Are you on a reading roll?

I take for granted that in the far-flung world of WordPress bloggers, readers, techno-gurus, sophistocrats, hangers-up, hangers-on, Automagicians, and oh so smart Mullengroupies, I am somewhat revered and respected. You could say I rank with the most venerable of world wide WordPressers. I am over thirty, my hairline, and hair are fast disappearing, and over my long life I have acquired the “wisdom of the ages.” I’m bonafide and qualified.

The preceding paragraph was brought to you by the word venerable, the word of the day. The next time you’re out and about, pick up a copy of Venus, the venerable grizzled old man’s guide to gentlemen’s literature. See, I used the word of the day again – that makes three times. My new goal is to use the word of the day at least once in every post I write.

Today is a landmark day in the world history of me. I finally started my “Great American Novel.” It’ll be good; very, very good. I can make stuff up that some people find interesting or entertaining. I know I can create stories for short periods of time, but I’m not entirely convinced I can sustain it long enough to create a book.

The book tells the story of Frank – a sorta-semi-auto-biopornagrapical collection of diary entries. If the jumbled up, made up word I just created amuses you, Great! If it doesn’t, Great! Playing with words is an addiction – it’s my high. It’s my morphine, Jean. It started around 1984. I attended a writer’s workshop presented by the University of Maryland University College at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan. A couple of sessions concerned studying and writing creative non-fiction. This was my first introduction to the seductive opium that is Tom Wolfe. At first, it was just experimenting, then recreational, then I was hooked.

I might start publishing short excerpts here on my blog – kinda online auditioning to get some reader feedback.

So I lied. It really isn’t very long. When I started though, I intended to include some other stuff that didn’t make the final cut.

Pain is strange. A cat killing a bird, a car accident, a fire…. Pain arrives, BANG, and there it is, it sits on you. It’s real. And to anybody watching, you look foolish. Like you’ve suddenly become an idiot. There’s no cure for it unless you know somebody who understands how you feel, and knows how to help. ~Charles Bukowski

Ten to Win, Five to Show

Is this me?

This post is my tenth. It must be significant in some way. The last four times I posted something, WordPress informed me that my next milestone was post number ten. Will I get a prize, some recognition, a trophy? How about money? Probably not. Still, ten posts IS significant on a blog that, quite frankly, seemed dying or dead just a few days ago.

I couldn’t finish anything I started writing. I tried. I compared my writing with the work of other writers on WordPress. I read great stuff. I wanted to write great stuff. I tried. I so desperately tried to write great stuff that all I managed to write was stuff. Stuff I wouldn’t even want to read. But hey, I did try. Then I quit.

Watching TV seemed like a whole lot more attractive an offer. It was easier.

But I got up this morning and felt cheated. I wasted an entire weekend with just a few half-assed attempts at writing something. No, writing isn’t easy for me; is it for anyone? No, I don’t have even a tiny fraction of the talent I think I do, nor the skills. But I cheated myself. I pissed away precious time out of my life staring at a television, precious time that would have been better spent working with these marvelous things we call words.

So this is my tenth post. If I do get a prize, it should be the booby prize—for being the boob in front of the tube. But hey, I tried.

Just a Little CSS Magic

As I explored all the “Dashboard” features for this blog, one of the things I noticed was the “Custom Design” upgrade. This paid option includes a custom domain name, which I was already considering. It also provides easy theme customization with fonts from Typekit and the ability to change the CSS to exercise even greater control over the site’s presentation. Now I know enough about CSS to understand what it does and I have a vague idea of how it does it. Still, I knew I could learn. With that in mind, I drug out the old credit card and bought the whole enchilada. (Impulse buying at its very best.) Only time will tell if it was a wise choice or not.

Its been a few days since I purchased the upgrade, so I decided to start my CSS education. I am a fairly simple man, so my first foray is equally simple.  Fortunately a quick Google search led me to W3Schools Online Web Tutorials, a site filled with easy tutorial and clear examples on just about any topic related to web development.

With just a little time and a little new knowledge gained from the W3Schools site, I figured out how to edit the CSS and HTML to change how this paragraph looks compared to the rest of this post. Of course, I could make the changes using the tools available on the “Visual” tab of the WordPress post editor. My goal is to learn CSS, though. Sure, it required a little more effort, but for me it was worth it.