WingtipsThe super-secret, triple rounded, inverse digit shifted, character imposed, composed, and reposed, non hypoallergenic and  triple osmosis filtered WordPress user-name colanetbiz protects the true identity of a real human person. He is a man. Let us call him Mr. Biz.

The codeword colanetbiz is not derived from any of the commonly used code word generators nor any of the less secret and less commonly used ones, thus making it less likely to be sucked out of the ether by NSA, Google, AT&T or the Westboro Baptist Church. Other code words on this site may or may not be derived from same. I can neither confirm nor deny if they are or were or will be at some time in the future.

Mr. Biz lives in the United States, east of the Mississippi, south of Mayberry, and north of Key West. He has a dog. Mr. Biz likes snow, unless he must drive in it. Then, not so much. He knows how to read. When he was thirteen, he went to school. One year, he had perfect attendance.

Mr. Biz once lived on an island. He visited several others, including Yoron Island, South Padre Island, Pohnpei, St. Helena Island, and Sicily.

Despite outward appearances, he is not monosyllabic. He wears a hat. The preceding sentence is monosyllabic.

Mr. Biz can’t play the tuba, but he likes hamburgers. He is a baby boomer.

Mr. Biz has a wife and children. He loves them a lot. Most days, his wife calls him Honey or Sweetheart. His kids call him Dad. Mr Biz saw an elephant and he played golf and he started to learn how to fly an airplane, but he had to quit.

Mr. Biz likes hamburgers with onions on them.

But seriously, Mr. Biz writes this blog for a couple of reasons. He wants to. He can.

Mr. Biz has been married for over thirty years – to the same woman. When he isn’t writing, you can usually find him – not writing.

Here are some of Mr. Biz’s current interests – in no particular order.


Face the constellation Cassiopeia, say three Celtic words, then look behind you to unravel the real me behind the mystery. Or, just click on the Link.

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