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“Caesar” | Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring

  Springtime is about renewal. New plants and flowers bloom in a rainbow of color. Not to be outdone, the animal kingdom is just as colorful. For my interpretation of last week’s photo challenge, meet Caesar, a fun loving little anole that worked very hard to prevent me from getting this picture.   My girlfriend ...


Loki Found the Mouse

  Loki is one of two cats that allow us to live in this house with them. He was introduced to the world-wide-WordPressosphere in the post entitled “Meet the Family Critters.” He has been featured in a few more posts since then. In the post called “Loki and the Mouse” he was, as you might expect, searching ...


Loki – A Fashionable Accessory for Your Desk

Here is something that every desk needs; its very own Loki, a fashionable, useful, necessary and very fluffy accessory. Get yours today! If I get at least one hundred orders, I will clone – er I mean start manufacturing them.