A WordPress Boo-boo?

WP Poll Error

Just a few minutes ago, I started working on a new poll for a post I am writing. I found an interesting error, and I started wondering if I’m the only one who’s seen it, or if WP knows about it but hasn’t fixed it. As the picture shows, to the right of the title box and each answer selection box, there are three icons for inserting a picture, video, or audio. The icon graphics are common and self-explanatory. The thing is, when you hover your mouse, as I did, over the video icon (the center one), the alternate text that displays says “Add Audio.” When you hover over the audio icon (the musical notes), the text displayed says “Add Video.” The mystery is compounded by selecting either of the icons. When you do, the dialog for inserting the correct media type is displayed. Give it a try. It truly is a conundrum.

While you are at it; since we are on the subject of polls, why not take a moment to vote in the poll I published on Friday. Believe me, cast your vote and you will feel warm and fuzzy all over. I know I will.