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Return of the Toracle

  My Toracle was very unhappy that I disturbed her with something as trivial as a couple of numbers. Seems she was in a deeply hypnotic mind-meld with her cohort in crime. (She was sleeping, for God’s sake.) She offered no wisdom about the curious transposition of the numbers 135 and 153. She did share ...


Poet, Photographer, or Putz?

Most days, after I wake up, regardless of the time, I have a decision to make. Today, “am I going to be a poet, a photographer, a writer, or just a lazy putz?” When I first started this blog over two years ago, the decision was easy – I woke up determined to be a ...


Trucks | Photo Challenge “On the Move”

If you have to get somewhere fast, if you have to be “On the Move” a big, bright, red fire truck is the only way to go. The Lake Erie Engine 2 in the mosaic is owned and maintained by Fort Erie LaFrance Association in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. Columbia L8 was the last truck ...