Return of the Toracle

The Toracle Returns
The Toracle Returns


My Toracle was very unhappy that I disturbed her with something as trivial as a couple of numbers. Seems she was in a deeply hypnotic mind-meld with her cohort in crime. (She was sleeping, for God’s sake.) She offered no wisdom about the curious transposition of the numbers 135 and 153. She did share some strong advice, though.

Mind meld
Mind meld

Get to work on the important stuff – like paying bills.







He studied the room, looking for the Oracle, but he couldn’t see anyone else in attendance – at least not anyone alive.~Shaun Jeffrey, The Kult

Poet, Photographer, or Putz?

Not Speeding, QualifyingMost days, after I wake up, regardless of the time, I have a decision to make. Today, “am I going to be a poet, a photographer, a writer, or just a lazy putz?”

When I first started this blog over two years ago, the decision was easy – I woke up determined to be a writer. My biggest problem then was thinking of things to write about. At the time, I wasn’t aware of the daily and weekly challenges offered by WordPress. I thought it was all up to me, that I had to do it all on my own, and I struggled.

These days, I have plenty to write about. For example, I published an article and my first poll back on 25 April entitled 135 Started, 68 Published, What’s Next?. At the time, I had published 68 posts out of the 135 I started, which left 67 still languishing in draftland. Today, as I write this, the numbers are: 153 started, 76 published, and 77 drafts. Publication percentage is about the same: 49.67% today versus 50.37% then.

As I was reviewing the numbers just now, I was struck by a curiosity. The tens and units digits of the total numbers are transposed: 153 today versus 135 then. I wonder if this is some kind of sign. It certainly seems enough of a curiosity to consult my Toracle.

Today, I want to alternate between lazy putz and photographer. After consulting with my Toracle, though, it seems I have to work on some long overdue financial documents. At least, I do if I want to continue to have a wife that loves and takes care of me and not one who wants to beat me in the head with a frying pan.

Toracle wins. Time to get to work.

Trucks | Photo Challenge “On the Move”

If you have to get somewhere fast, if you have to be “On the Move” a big, bright, red fire truck is the only way to go. The Lake Erie Engine 2 in the mosaic is owned and maintained by Fort Erie LaFrance Association in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.

Columbia L8 was the last truck I drove before my untimely retirement.

Columbia L8 - 2005
Columbia L8 – 2005