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Writing 201: Water

Springtime snow melting. Drips, trickles, streams a cascade Of life. Fresh water. by R. A. Richardson


Songs Yet Sung – Verse From a Drug Addled Mind | Let’s Set The Record Straight

In a previous post, I discussed my failure to get on track with NaPoWriMo, so I decided to create my own challenge for myself. Well, here it is, complete with my very own fancy-schmancy logo for my very own challenge. And here is poem number one – so five more to go, since I set ...


If I Forget

Some quick lines before I forget, cause harsh, Throat burning, alcohol numbing my head. Wild Turkey, Johnny Walker or maybe Jim Beam. Don’t know, don’t care, each one my best friend On a day like today and a night like tonight Ain’t gonna stay sober, what gives you the right To say where I’m going, ...