Songs Yet Sung – Verse From a Drug Addled Mind | Let’s Set The Record Straight

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In a previous post, I discussed my failure to get on track with NaPoWriMo, so I decided to create my own challenge for myself. Well, here it is, complete with my very own fancy-schmancy logo for my very own challenge. And here is poem number one – so five more to go, since I set my goal as six by the end of April. Enjoy.

Let’s Set The Record Straight


Let’s set the record straight. The drug addled mind

Is mine of course. It’s all quite legit.

Don’t think I’m a junkie, there is no abuse.

One doc wrote this script, another the others,

One pill now, another later, take two at bedtime,

And take all the blue ones, make sure that you finish,

Then quit.


So no need to worry, no pause for concern.

No meat wagon needed, my heart’s still tickin’

And if you please and you’ll be so kind,

Don’t call the police, no need at this time.

The pills won’t fix me, just help me feel better

When pain racks these bones, I’ll take one more.

Then quit.


These songs; they’re only words searching

For rhythm and timing, a hum or a whistle,

A catchy good chorus sung by the Angels

A guitar, a sitar, Entwistle on bass.

In these words are my songs, yet to be sung.

When I sing them, if I sing them, I’ll be happy

Then quit.


So, I’ve said it already, but just to be clear

Let the record be straight, let there be no confusion.

The mind that’s quite addled and “Dazed and Confused”

Thanks much Jim and Robert for singing the blues.

This mind is okay, not doing that bad;

Just works kinda slow and sometimes shuts down

So, I’ll have one more white one for this drug addled brain

Don’t fret, please don’t worry, don’t have you a fit

I’ll just have this last one, maybe one more.

Then quit.

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.

If I Forget

Laromme Shot 1

Some quick lines before I forget, cause harsh,
Throat burning, alcohol numbing my head.
Wild Turkey, Johnny Walker or maybe Jim Beam.
Don’t know, don’t care, each one my best friend
On a day like today and a night like tonight
Ain’t gonna stay sober, what gives you the right
To say where I’m going, do you know where I’ve been
I’ll live to see tomorrow if I don’t drop dead.


If I try not to lie and promise to quit
Starting right now but at least by tomorrow
But when I awake and reach for the bottle
That causes your pain and brings you great sorrow
Remind me once more, remind me again, remind me I’ve sinned
Remind me you love me, remind me my friend

If I forget.