I Can Write Some Good English Now Today

Let me set the record straight.

I am not no English expert by any stretch of my imagination. I can write some good English when I can have the time. If you are the English teacher you will find wrong my English grammar with the rambling sentences and some of the run-on sentences this is the sentence I mean is the run-on. Or maybe some fragments. I use my spelling check but sometimes their wrong two.

Pure rubbish, isn’t it? Pure, unadulterated tripe. That’s the beauty of the blog. It is a medium of freedom and expression. I can think what I think and write what I write. I’m writing for me with a profoundly selfish idea that if you, the reader, read this and are slightly amused or entertained, then I got more than I bargained for when I strung these words together.

So what does it mean?

If you stumbled upon my tiny place in the world wide web-o-sphere, I hope you stayed for a minute or two – I truly hope I gave you some small reason to stay. If you smiled about something, or maybe paused briefly to reflect, then I have served some purpose.

Ya’ll come again.~

Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.

~ Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi

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