Just a Little CSS Magic

As I explored all the “Dashboard” features for this blog, one of the things I noticed was the “Custom Design” upgrade. This paid option includes a custom domain name, which I was already considering. It also provides easy theme customization with fonts from Typekit and the ability to change the CSS to exercise even greater control over the site’s presentation. Now I know enough about CSS to understand what it does and I have a vague idea of how it does it. Still, I knew I could learn. With that in mind, I drug out the old credit card and bought the whole enchilada. (Impulse buying at its very best.) Only time will tell if it was a wise choice or not.

Its been a few days since I purchased the upgrade, so I decided to start my CSS education. I am a fairly simple man, so my first foray is equally simple.  Fortunately a quick Google search led me to W3Schools Online Web Tutorials, a site filled with easy tutorial and clear examples on just about any topic related to web development.

With just a little time and a little new knowledge gained from the W3Schools site, I figured out how to edit the CSS and HTML to change how this paragraph looks compared to the rest of this post. Of course, I could make the changes using the tools available on the “Visual” tab of the WordPress post editor. My goal is to learn CSS, though. Sure, it required a little more effort, but for me it was worth it.

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