If Your Blog Dies, It’s Your Own Fault, Not Ours

I failed to write anything yesterday. In my mind, I came up with several ideas, and even some opening sentences. The problem is, in my perverse pursuit of perfection, I wordsmithed them to the point of useless drivel. Call it writer’s block if you want; I call it fatigue and frustration.

When I started this blog a few weeks ago, I did so with two simple goals in mind. One, I intended to use this as a platform to improve my writing. Two, I wanted to learn the ins and outs and ups and downs and everything in-between of WordPress and blogging. I didn’t intend make it a new chore. I still don’t.

This morning I ran across a blog post entitled 10 Reasons Why Your Blog WILL Die Before Its First Birthday on thebacklight.com. Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion wrote the post a year ago. Since I am brand new to the blogging world, it was new and worthwhile reading for me.

In fact, I thought about this a lot today. Here are the ten reasons and my thoughts on the steps I need to take to get this blog past its first birthday.

    1. No Core Motivation

The fundamental question is why am I doing this. I think I’ve answered this question with a couple of very good reasons.

    1. Money is your first priority

I admit, at some point I would like make a living doing this, or something similar. Right now I am satisfied just learning.

    1. You’re really not that passionate about your niche

This seems directed at the money-making aspect of blogging. If I have a niche, it’s writing, and I get a little more passionate about it every day.

    1. You’re expectations are too high

They were. It didn’t take long to get drug back to earth.

    1. You’re too focused on traffic

The author states that if you look at your stats more than once a day, you’re guilty of this. I freely admit my guilt. I’ll work on it.

    1. Your networking stinks

Guilty again, but the more I read, the more I learn.

    1. You’re not a ‘relaxed’ writer

This is my number one failing and I believe the most important thing on this list. Important enough to quote the full explanation here.

What is a relaxed writer? It’s someone that knows who he or she is and simply allows their thoughts to flow onto the screen. A relaxed writer doesn’t analyze each and every word of his blog. Nor does he suffer from self-doubt and critical analysis. And he certainly doesn’t care if others think he is right or wrong.

I’ve had bloggers tell me before that an 800 word post took them 3 hours to write. What?? Are you serious? Look, I’m all for producing good, clean content, but paralysis by analysis is a very bad thing. My advice is simple: Stop thinking so hard and just type, the rest will just fall into place.

~ Marcus Sheridan

    1. Your niche is too dang narrow

Refer to point 3.

    1. You’re lazy

I’m trying to get better.

    1. You have no plan

I didn’t have one, but I developed one to start with. More on this in another post.

As I already stated, this blog is about learning. Today I learned a lot — about blogging, and about myself.

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