Muddling Through

Everyday life is still pretty muddled. It’s tough to get through each day and get anything done when you’re in pain and feel a bit confused most of the time. Meds help dull the pain for a while, but not long enough. The meds just add to the confusion, though. Today was another procedure – another attempt to diagnose what is wrong with me. The procedure was a HIDA scan to see if my gall bladder is the offending organ. The procedure was painless; it just took a while to complete. I had to lie still on by back for two straight hours. I’m not very good at lying still, especially on my back, but I managed. Of course, I won’t know the results until an actual radiologist analyzes the images and files a report for my doctor. I hope to know next Tuesday.

So my goal is to start writing regularly again. Writing about my health issues is personal, but writing is a personal thing. I have other things to write about, but this is a start, again. Maybe I can continue this time ’round.

2 thoughts on “Muddling Through

  1. Thanks for reading and your comment. I’ve tried for months now to get into a routine of regularly writing, but the health problems I’ve been facing keep interfering.


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