The Avett Brothers Perform “Morning Song”

“Hurt so bad……….You don’t come around here anymore…..
Worse than that………..
Nothing’s really helping I’ve been thinking ’bout drinking again”

Twenty-one words, that’s all, just twenty-one; words that rank easily in the top one hundred song openings of all time. Within the last three or four weeks, as I listened to more of their music, this band fast became one of my all time favorites.

It all started with these twenty-one words.

Sit back, grab some joe or a brew, strap on your favorite headphones, crank it up to 11 and enjoy this awesome performance.

The Avett Brothers Perform “Morning Song.” Original writing Copyright (C) 2014 R. A. Richardson. First publication on Other content protected by the respective content owners. All Rights Reserved.

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