Blogging 101 | Post 2 – “Say Your Name”

Blogging U - 101 Logo Ver 2Since my blog is already well established, I am not interested in changing it. The name or tagline might not be the best in the WordPress World, but there is already name recognition for them. Just as important, though, they are already indexed in the search engines. So, I’ll leave my current blog name and tag line alone.

This challenge still works for me, though, since I am in the process of planning a new blog that I expect to start publishing sometime within the next ninety days. Four previous posts I wrote were called Java Fueled Journaling (1 – 4). In the last one, Java Fueled Journaling – 4, I wrote there would soon be a new home for the journal. My plan is to start this new blog as a spin-off of the posts I started here.

Naturally, I intend to call it Java Fueled Journaling. I already registered the domains and, so one of those will be the site address, but I am open to feedback on the name and a tagline. Opinions about which domain name to use are also welcome.

Thoughts, anyone?

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