Letters To LOMM – Very Funny…Read It

Picture of coffe pots
Java fuel center – 12p a cup

You really need to read this from the blog The League of Mental Men. It is too funny. Just follow the link. Letters To LOMM.

I do it a little differently. I’m not really into fire, being a retired fireman.

I have a very large box that I built from empty cigarette packages. In front, I cut out a two foot by one foot hole and glued plastic wrap over it. That’s my windscreen. Since I can’t afford flameproof overalls, I just wear the pink spandex leotards I own and a colander for my helmet. Then I climb in and race Brands Hatch on Gran Tourismo. Since I always fall off the track at the Druids bend, I pause the game, climb up on the roof of my house, and jump off.

After I return from hospital, I climb back in the box and keep on going. This is real authenticity.


There’s one particular corner where I need to improve a little but I’ll have a sleep on everything tonight and come back in the morning and see what needs to be done.~Sean McIntosh

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