The “Rich100Award” Presentation


Before I announce the winner of “The Inaugural Rich100Award” allow me a moment to say this. If I had an orchestra of French horns, violins, and a timpani, I would conduct them in a rousing rendition of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture.” Since I don’t, I’m going to cheat and use this rousing rendition from youtube to announce the winner, and yes, I know I used the photo again, but it is edited with the winners name.

And the winner is…Mr. Osama Iftikhar at Please join me in a hearty congratulations to Mr. Iftikhar on this remarkable achievement. And while you are at it, you must visit his blog. He has a remarkable voice that beckons to us all.

Thank you sir for visiting and following this little blog of mine.

Rich Richardson

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