Blogging University – “A” for Ambition, “F” for Failure

Blogging U - 101 and 201 Logos Ver 1

Nearly thirty days ago, along with hundreds or thousands of other bloggers, I started the Blogging University “101” and “201” challenges. My heart was in the right place. Maybe I was a little too ambitious signing up for both challenges, but I honestly believed I could manage both.

I was wrong.

Truth be told, my efforts were doomed from the outset. With the medications I was taking then and the ones I am taking now, from the moment I fell behind on the first day I never really had much of a chance to get caught up.

So here I am. The “201” challenge finished over two weeks ago. I never even got started with it. The “101” challenge finishes today and I only managed to get the assignments for the first three days completed. Give me an “A” for being ambitious, maybe overly so, but I’ll take a well deserved “F” for failing.

I’m okay with it, though. I have the information from both challenges. Although I won’t be following the daily lock-step of an official Blogging University challenge, I still plan to start implementing changes to my blog over the next few months using the knowledge from both challenges.

Congratulations to all of you who did complete your challenge and I hope the knowledge and skills you gained helps your blog soar to new heights of success.

As soon as I can get started, I’m confident mine will.


If you’re too open-minded; your brains will fall out.~Lawrence Ferlinghetti

3 thoughts on “Blogging University – “A” for Ambition, “F” for Failure

  1. I think you’ll find some of the challenge assignments useful even if you don’t complete them all, there were some that were just not applicable to me so I skipped one or two. Good luck with everything! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the advice. Since you are a “cookie recipe enthusiast” I take it you are also a “cookie eating enthusiast” like me. My current favorites are cheap iced oatmeal cookies we buy from Aldi’s.


      1. Those are good! You’ve just inspired me to pay Aldi a visit. It’s been a while since I’ve shopped there. And yes, I absolutely love eating cookies 😀


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