Blogging 101| Introducing Me and “Three”

Before I introduce myself, let me tell you a story about the number three. It is exactly 3:33 PM as I start writing this. I will publish this before 4:00 so it is within the three o’clock hour. Bear with me for a minute – there is some significance here. Something occurred to me on Monday, when this course actually started. I realized how appropriate it is for me to participate in this session of Blogging 101. You see, this is my third – and I am damned determined – my last attempt to complete it. It’s also appropriate sinc this is also the third anniversary of this blog. That is correct – I started this in February 2012. Here is my very first post. I don’t know if there is any luck or magic or good or bad mojo associated with the number three or “33333,” but if it’s good, I am claiming it.

So bear with me. I have to publish this now to get my three luck, but I also have to take the dog out. More to follow.

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