Blizzard in Calabash – 24 February 2015

P1290012-SNOWHere it is, the Great February Calabash Blizzard of 2015 and I am stuck in the middle of it. It’s my first winter here in southeastern North Carolina, the land of sparkling, sunny beaches, young girls in skimpy bikinis, and old men wearing sandals and black socks. I’m one of the old men, I just skip the black socks.

Today is not a day for beaches, bikinis, or black socks. There’s a blizzard going on. It’s starting to look like Boston outside.

No, not really. I made that up. And the picture is from a different year and a different location. What we do have is a light snow and sleet mix falling right now. When I get a little more daylight, I’ll update this with today’s pictures.

Whatever falls is going to be a mess for us here in the land of the sparkling, sunny beaches.

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