Soggy Bottom Boys / Alison Krauss and Union Station

Here is how it happened.

My youngest son called.

“Dad,” he said “I’ve locked the keys in the car again.”

So I went to wake my middle son up to go to the rescue. I don’t drive right now due to the meds I am taking. While middle son and I were smoking out in the garage, he made the casual, but somewhat exasperated comment,

“Oh brother!”

That started me thinking about the movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?. If you haven’t watched it, it’s worth an hour and a half of your time. Thinking about the movie then started me thinking about it’s soundtrack, particularly the song Man of Constant Sorrow. And guess what? This fits perfectly into my goal of sharing bluegrass music with the world wide web of WordPress. I suspect this movie, in particular, this song, introduced a whole legion of new fans to bluegrass music.

And I’m like Clooney . I’m “BonaFide.”


Enjoy the Soggy Bottom Boys rendition from the movie.


Enjoy also as Alison Krauss and Union Station perform live. The is the best version I’ve heard. What’s up with the audience, though? Are they dead or taking much better meds than I am? They are just sitting there barely moving. No way can anyone possibly listen to this song live without at least tapping their feet? Right?


And while I’m sharing Alison Krauss and Union Station, let’s not forget this marvelous song; a song I did forget until this morning when I ran across it again.

More Great Bluegrass from Patty Lovelace and OCMS

session_countrybluegrass_mainIn a previous post, I wrote about sharing my passion for bluegrass music on this blog. Sometimes, like today, I might just share some great songs I am listening to, and my thoughts about them. To read a great article about bluegrass music, click the picture with your mouse.



Patty Lovelace is a veteran country and bluegrass music performer and it’s very likely that I’ve heard her music before. I just don’t remember it. I recently rediscovered her amazing talent with this song, which was included on a bluegrass compilation playlist I found on Spotify. I’m a new fan now. Enjoy this jukin’ little number from Patty.


You’ve probably heard Wagon Wheel from Old Crow Medicine Show. Here is another great song from them – some terrific bluegrass with a little blues thrown in.


Bill Monroe photo courtesy the Tribeca Film Institute.


On Top

Top Down
Top Down

Two submissions for the weekly photo challenge On Top. First up is a photo I call “Top Down.” I took this inside the lighthouse at Hunting Island State Park. I was on the top level looking down at the spiral staircase I just finished climbing.

Mossy Top
Mossy Top



The next photo I took in my back yard. I call it “Mossy Top” in honor of the old bluegrass melody “Rocky Top”. It’s a picture of some kind of moss or fungus growing on “top” of the limbs on one of our dogwood trees. Since I named it in honor of a bluegrass song, I can also use this post to further one of my goals for this blog – to share my passion for bluegrass music.



So, please enjoy The Osborne Brothers singing Rocky Top. And while you sing along, and I know you will, change Rocky Top to Mossy Top to honor my picture.