On Top

Top Down
Top Down

Two submissions for the weekly photo challenge On Top. First up is a photo I call “Top Down.” I took this inside the lighthouse at Hunting Island State Park. I was on the top level looking down at the spiral staircase I just finished climbing.

Mossy Top
Mossy Top



The next photo I took in my back yard. I call it “Mossy Top” in honor of the old bluegrass melody “Rocky Top”. It’s a picture of some kind of moss or fungus growing on “top” of the limbs on one of our dogwood trees. Since I named it in honor of a bluegrass song, I can also use this post to further one of my goals for this blog – to share my passion for bluegrass music.



So, please enjoy The Osborne Brothers singing Rocky Top. And while you sing along, and I know you will, change Rocky Top to Mossy Top to honor my picture.

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