Finally Back

My new daily view
My new daily view

Today marks exactly four months since I last wrote anything here. There are a lot of reasons why I haven’t – some good, and some just excuses. Despite the reasons, I am writing again as of today.

One of the reasons I’ve not written is that I have moved to the southeastern North Carolina coast; specifically, Calabash, NC. Calabash is a quaint little coastal fishing village that proudly proclaims itself to be “The Seafood Capital of the World”. Whether the claim is true or not, I don’t know, but according to the town’s web site, “there are over 30 restaurants in town serving people from all over the world each year.” So, accurate or not, there is some evidence to support the claim.

Living in Calabash provides me two great opportunities. One, I have s spectacular view anytime I want. I just need to go out and have a seat on the front porch – that’s what you see in the photo. Since we have multiple feeders and a bird bath, we are privileged every day with visits from a variety of birds. The second is being able to go to the beach anytime I want. It’s only a short drive to a magnificent stretch of NC coastline with cascading waves, soft sand, ¬†coastal birds skimming the waves for dinner, and the endless possibilities of encountering other sea creatures.

Truth is, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Hardcore 1970’s Blues

Album Covers - Wet Willie Band and J. Geils Band
Album Covers – Wet Willie Band and J. Geils Band

I’ve read a few things about distraction free writing. In fact, WordPress offers a toolbar option for distraction free writing, which I am using now to write this. As long as my PC is connected to the internet and my brain is even half-working, I’m going to get distracted. Like yesterday, which led to this post. Here is what happened.

Yesterday morning I decided to listen to Wet Willie and J. Geils as I tried to finish some overdue paperwork. As I listened and worked, I decided to write a post to share a couple of songs from these two bands. As I started writing, I searched Google to verify where Wet Willie hailed from. In doing so, I found out from their web site that they are still together, recording and touring. Wow! Next I checked their touring schedule and saw their next date this year was October 9 at a venue in AR. I mapped the venue location and driving directions from my home; then started scheming how to go see them. That is how I got distracted just within a couple of hours on Wednesday. Here are a couple of cuts; one from each band’s seminal live album.

First up is the Wet Willie Band performing Macon Hambone Blues from their 1973 live album “Drippin’ Wet,” recorded in New Orleans, LA. This is one of the finest live recordings ever produced.


Next up is Serves You Right to Suffer, from J. Geils Band’s “Live, Full House.”



Then, later in the day, I had a major distraction. I blacked out in my garage, fell and hurt a bunch of me. My wife took me to the ER, who in turn admitted me for at least an overnight stay. As I prepare to publish this, that is where I am. Piled up in a hospital bed, waiting to find out what is next.