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Blogging 101| Introducing Me and “Three” – Part 2

The Number Three(s) To fully understand and appreciate this, you should read Part 1. You can read it here. It’s like serial fiction from the “olden” days, back when I was young and could write more than one paragraph without falling asleep – as I am about to do. Since publishing the first part of ...


Return of the Toracle

  My Toracle was very unhappy that I disturbed her with something as trivial as a couple of numbers. Seems she was in a deeply hypnotic mind-meld with her cohort in crime. (She was sleeping, for God’s sake.) She offered no wisdom about the curious transposition of the numbers 135 and 153. She did share ...


135 Started, 68 Published, What’s Next?

Since I published the first post to this blog, I started 135 posts. Of that 135, I have published only 68; when I publish this, it will be 69; a publication rate of roughly fifty percent. First off, I’m curious how many other WordPressers average about the same publishing rate. Anyone want to share their ...