Blogging 101 – Day 3 Revised

Blogging U - 101 Logo Ver 2Rich here. After 3 in the morning of 18 April. Coffee in front of me to the right of the keyboard. Marshall Tucker playing on Spotify. Time for another pain pill. I could stop here and call this the post that I would have written when I “first thought about blogging.”

But I won’t.

Now, let me quickly go recharge my brain with nicotine, take that pill, and refresh my Java-fuel. I’ll be right back to finish this.

You know, when someone coined the title phrase so many hundreds or thousands of years ago, it was fine. But seriously, what can you do with a penny now? I think we need to update it to reflect our current econoclimate. What do you think – 10 bucks for your thoughts?

[[[[[[[ PAUSE FOR THE CAUSE ]]]]]]]

OK. I’m back with fresh java-juice and a fully recharged brain. I say “fully recharged” but I really mean, well, you know, one or two brain cells might be working. While I was out getting recharged, I thought of a better idea for updating the phrase. I’m not British, and as of yet I’ve not been privileged to visit the UK, but let’s face it, my last name is Richardson, so somewhere in my DNA there has to be some Brit blood. So let me say this, I know Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t like me very much since I’m an American, but if they will let me, I am claiming any and all Brits as my distant cousins.

Now, about the phrase. I got a little off track there. My new cousins in Britain might not do everything right, but they did give the world the BBC, and the BBC constantly gives us great television. They’ve given us Doc Martin, Doctor Who, and Foyle’s War, just to name a few. They’ve also given us Top Gear, which, despite the fact that Clarkson doesn’t like me, I love and firmly believe is the best television program being produced right now, anywhere in the world.

Sheesh!! Got off track again. Not only have the Brits given us great television, they have given us some really great words. Actually, now that I think about it with my one remaining functioning brain cell, they have pretty much given us nearly all of our words, at least those of us who speak English. Thanks for that, Brits. I like the words you have given me. Since I am actually trying to get around to my idea of upgrading the “Penny for Your Thoughts” phrase, the really great Brit words I am talking about are the ones they use for their money, words like pence, and half-pence, and p. The coolest one, though, is quid. I think quid is one of the coolest words ever coined in the English language. In fact, I am going to try harder to start finding reasons to use it more often, despite the fact that I am not British.

So, quid is the word I believe we should start using instead of penny. The new phrase should be “A Quid for Your Thoughts.” Who agrees? We need to start circulating a petition or start a movement. Maybe a chain letter?

Since I am in my “adopting British folks as my long lost cousins” mode, I have one more proposal. Actually, it’s not a proposal, but a couple of requests. I know some of you who follow this blog are my newly adopted British cousins and I am humbled you have chosen to do so, as I am with everyone who has chosen to follow this. If one or all of you would consider doing one or both of the following, I would be forever grateful: (1) Adopting me as your long lost American cousin with the aforementioned British blood flowing in my veins and accepting me as an honorary British citizen. (2) Autographing and sending me a one quid note which I will hang on my wall, photograph, and write a new blog article about. So, if any of my new Brit cousins are willing to so honor me, please  email me at colanetbiz (at) writesomethingtoday (dot) com and I will send you my postal address.

Truth be told, this is not what I would have written as my first article. I’m surprised that I wrote it at all, but I did. You can read what I actually wrote as my first article here. I wrote exactly what I was thinking at the time to get this blog started.

Finally, I am caught up with the Blogging 101 challenges. I hope to stay caught up now. One thing I believe is important about blogging, especially during this challenge, is to give and receive feedback to each other. For this challenge, it’s important so we help each other develop and refine our blogs. For blogging in general, it’s important because we are all looking for the community of bloggers where we best fit, our niche.

I know we are just getting started with this challenge, but I want to apologize to everyone who is participating. Since I fell behind right from the beginning, I’ve provided very little feedback to you all. Now that I am caught up, I intend to rectify this and start reading and commenting on your blogs.

A final note here to those of you who have been kind enough to read, like, and follow my blog. If you haven’t guessed, I am participating in the two ongoing Blogging University challenges. I still intend to write regular pieces during the thirty days of this challenge, but there will also be posts written and tagged specifically for the challenges. Naturally, you are welcome to read them all, since each one will be another masterpieces of pilfered prose.

Thank you so much for reading this. If I have amused or confused you, inspired or conspired with you, befriended or offended you, don’t blame me. I didn’t write this. The java-juiced, pain pill induced, nicotine abused brain cells did. Blame them.

Your best pal in crime,

Rich Richardson

And don’t forget…”A quid for your thoughts.”

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