Blogging 101| Introducing Me and “Three” – Part 2

Blogging 101 LogoThe Number Three(s)

To fully understand and appreciate this, you should read Part 1. You can read it here. It’s like serial fiction from the “olden” days, back when I was young and could write more than one paragraph without falling asleep – as I am about to do.

Since publishing the first part of this and now, I had a rethink, and discovered that I shorted myself by two three’s in Part 1. (See what I mean? If you didn’t read Part 1, you don’t have a clue about the three’s, do you?) It turns out, after my rethink, that I am exactly three days behind in this course and exactly three posts behind to get caught up in all the daily assignments. That is two more three’s to add to the existing five, so applying a little math now gives me seven three’s.

Now I know enough from watching television shows on different educational networks and learning a little about gambling over the years to know that seven is a lucky number. So I claimed my luck from the earlier post, but now I am truly claiming my lucky number seven, and all the three’s it took to get there.

Watch Closely, Now!

So now that I have you truly confused, I have you exactly where I want you. In your confusion I have you in a weakened and vulnerable state and I can perform great feats of magic and sleight of hand and mystical feats – so much that you will be overwhelmed with my great talent and be greatly persuaded that you have never read such great writing as you are now.

It’s all in the misdirection.               Look over there, it’s a UFO!!!

See how easy that was.

Now, About That Introduction

This is actually the easy part. Since this is my third attempt to complete this – as I stated earlier, and you would know if you bothered to read Part 1 – but if you didn’t, yes it is true, this is my third try at Blogging 101. It’s not as if it is terribly hard, it’s just I have terrible issues – one being a complete inability to manage my time. So I get a little behind and stressed over being a little behind and then I get a little further behind and stressed over that and get even further behind and even more stressed. Then I quit.

At least that describes my previous two attempts. Not this time, though. Yes, it is true I am a little behind; and yes, I’ll confess to being a little stressed about it. But…this time I am writing until I drop to get caught up.

Three attempts means this is my third time writing an introduction, so I am making this easy. I am “repurposing” the introductions from my first two attempts. Between the two, you will get a pretty good idea of who I am and why I am here.

The “Introduction” links from the previous attempts to complete Blogging 101 are here. First attempt on April 16, 2014. Second attempt on November 14, 2014.

Blogging 101| Introducing Me and “Three”

Before I introduce myself, let me tell you a story about the number three. It is exactly 3:33 PM as I start writing this. I will publish this before 4:00 so it is within the three o’clock hour. Bear with me for a minute – there is some significance here. Something occurred to me on Monday, when this course actually started. I realized how appropriate it is for me to participate in this session of Blogging 101. You see, this is my third – and I am damned determined – my last attempt to complete it. It’s also appropriate sinc this is also the third anniversary of this blog. That is correct – I started this in February 2012. Here is my very first post. I don’t know if there is any luck or magic or good or bad mojo associated with the number three or “33333,” but if it’s good, I am claiming it.

So bear with me. I have to publish this now to get my three luck, but I also have to take the dog out. More to follow.

Writing Success on WordPress

In my last post, I talked about the “Perfect Reader” from the point of view of the writer. I discussed several things that I believe define you and I as writers, because, truth be told, if you are reading this, you are probably writing something in your own blog – which makes you a writer. Maybe I have read it, maybe I haven’t; maybe I am your “perfect reader” and maybe I’m not. Either way, I applaud you for taking a chance writing and publishing what you wrote. Whether one person read it or one hundred thousand people read it, what does it matter? The most important thing is you wrote it and put it out in your little corner of cyberspace for someone else to read. For what you want is someone to read it. You really want someone to like it, maybe like it a lot, and in doing so, validate your existence as a writer. You might want to get paid for your writing – and in doing so, validate yourself even more as a writer.

I know I do. I would like that very much.

The question is, can you and how do you do it on WordPress? I don’t know if you can or not, but I believe I’ve figured out a couple of things in the nearly three years I have been blogging here. First thing is this: I believe writing your blog here on is probably the best place one can write and get the most exposure for their writing. Certainly it is for a novice writer. But, it is not the perfect place, and here is why.

Unless you are already an established writer with a huge following, your ability to capture readers, especially a lot of readers, is dependent on three things. First: your topic and the quality of the writing about your topic. Let’s face it, nobody is going to read atrocious writing, at least not for very long. Second: your timing and the tags you use must be spot on. Exposure, I believe, is a momentary piece of timing and luck. In other words, you have a very short period of time for readers to view your post and be compelled enough to read it and decide if it merits enough effort to investigate your blog further. Third: I believe anything you post is going to fail the timing and exposure tests unless you have a great, or at least good photo to go along with it. I believe this based on my own experience: To date, I have published 88 posts to this blog. Of those 88, the top three posts with the most “Likes” all included decent photographs. In descending order, they are: Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life | 2, “Super Sport” | Photo Challenge – Letters, and Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life.

So, there you have it – my little three cents worth on how we as writers might, if we are lucky, and we write well enough, and we can either take, borrow or steal a great photo, we might just make it as writers on WordPress…and if we are really, truly, remarkably lucky…we might just get our piece Freshly Pressed.

So go out there and do it. Give it your best shot. And, good luck!