Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

St. Helena Island, Beaufort, SC, USA
St. Helena Island, Beaufort, SC, USA

Here is the question. Is a street the same as a road, and vice versa? In my opinion, and as it applies to this challenge, yes – a street is a road and a road is a street, particularly this road. But where, you ask, is the street life? All around! You just can’t see it. This road (street) is teeming with life. Within just a few hundred feet in any direction are marshy wetlands, filled with all manner of critters that make wetlands their home – snakes, newts, frogs, birds, insects, spiders, alligators…and the list could go on.

A little different, but this is my submission to the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life.”

This road is on St. Helena Island in Beaufort, SC, USA. It was taken near a little place we like to visit whenever we can. Click the photo and it will take you to a map.

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