Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

St. Helena Island, Beaufort, SC, USA
St. Helena Island, Beaufort, SC, USA

Here is the question. Is a street the same as a road, and vice versa? In my opinion, and as it applies to this challenge, yes – a street is a road and a road is a street, particularly this road. But where, you ask, is the street life? All around! You just can’t see it. This road (street) is teeming with life. Within just a few hundred feet in any direction are marshy wetlands, filled with all manner of critters that make wetlands their home – snakes, newts, frogs, birds, insects, spiders, alligators…and the list could go on.

A little different, but this is my submission to the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life.”

This road is on St. Helena Island in Beaufort, SC, USA. It was taken near a little place we like to visit whenever we can. Click the photo and it will take you to a map.

The Silver Screen

If I’m not mistaken, this is my first attempt at a “Reblog.” I hope it works because you really should read this. Great stuff.

The Riparian Times

The elusive first step to fame begins with a lonely gentle breeze down Hollywood Boulevard. I am on my third audition today and my head is slightly giddy like a teenage girl on passion-pops. I cannot remember the last time I ate, maybe yesterday, yesterday feels like a nosebleed but that audition, I smashed it, I was amazing.

Yes, it is upon us again like a summer romance, ‘Pilot Season.’

The two words that sends fear and excitement into the bones of actors all around the globe. The Los Angeles freeways become a sea of hope as the actors are magnetized into the bosom of the beast.

Do you remember that film Pulp Fiction, yes that’s right the one where Uma Thurman stars in a Pilot called Fox Force 5?

Here, watch Samuel L. Jackson (not Laurence Fishburne) watch Samuel tell you how Pilot Season works, well not exactly but…

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How I Roll at 4 AM, Kitties 2, and a little Talking Heads

How I Roll at 4 AM

Too tired and too brain dead to write in my Java-Fueled Journal. Everything I wrote about sleep, or the lack of, still holds true. Once again I’ve been awake all night. The pic is how I roll at 4 AM when I can’t sleep. Cozy, comfortable and warm. I took liberties to fool around with the photo, though. I think it looks good, but what do I know.

This is a great tune to rock out to at five in the morning when you can’t get you no sleep. If you’ve never heard it, the entire CD is fabulous. IMHO, a real classic for TH fans.

How The Cats Roll at 4AM

The pic to the left is how the kitties roll at 4. Loki is on top. He’s rather chunky. Tia is on the bottom. They were introduced in this post. Read it if you like.

More writing to follow, I hope, later on today or this evening, after I get a little sleep.